HELLO and welcome! My name is Colin Walker (“Johnny” to my early or Scouting friends) and I have been involved in Scouting for nearly 55 of its 100 years. For me, Scouting is more a state of mind than an organisation. These Scouting pages began by charting my involvement in Cubs, Scouts and Venture Scouts, together with aspects of my career as a leader and, finally, as an administrator. In 2000 my retirement as Headteacher and as the Chairman of Central Yorkshire Scout County left me time to begin a collection of Scouting artefacts and to consider how these and my Scouting experiences could be used to promote the Movement amongst its membership and those who (as yet) are not involved.’Retirement’ gave me the opportunity to attend a Scouting ‘Heritage Tour’ organised by the Scout Association and visiting many of the sites in the UK relating to Baden-Powell. These visits could not have come at better time, channelling my mind to the ‘great works’ of The Founder, away from the stresses of work and pointing me towards an area I had not previously had the time to explore.
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